Tonight's final Ausherman XC runs are POSTPONED until this Thursday, August 14 - same place (Falling Spring ES), same time (7:00p).

Now you have no excuse not to get you and your running shoes down to the Green Turtle in Hagerstown this afternoon/evening for the CRRC fundraiser on ALL food and drink sales!

Welcome to the CRRC!

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The purpose of the Chambersburg Road Runners Club (CRRC) is to establish and maintain an active running community in Chambersburg and its surrounding areas. We do this by providing opportunities for runners of all ages and abilities to meet their personal fitness goals by conducting running seminars, group training sessions, and competitive events; recruiting members who support the promotion of running as a healthy habit; and fostering a climate of mutual support, goodwill, and fellowship.

Board of Governors:


  • Bill Dann - 2015
  • Amy Diehl - 2015
  • Monique Weaver - 2015
  • Johna Bolinger - 2014
  • Mike Hayduk - 2014
  • Brian Mount - 2014
  • Bruce Kessler - 2016
  • Matt Elgin - 2016
  • Thomas Jussila - 2016
  • Tim Fisler, President
  • Pete Fleury, Vice President
  • Rebecca Jussila, Treasurer
  • Alan Peltzman, Secretary

Current Events